THE SEER, book 1

  • I wanted Democracy, but you gave me an EMPEROR of EARTH.
  • I wanted acceptance, but you gave me EXCLUSION.
  • I wanted peace, but you gave me FANATIC RULE ENFORCERS.
  • I wanted freedom, but you gave me LOCKUP.
  • I wanted to remember what you did to me, but you gave me REPRESSED MEMORIES.
  • I wanted no attention, but you branded me with a SHUNNING SYMBOL.
  • I wanted a classless society, but you labeled me GARBAGE.
  • You terrorize us with KIDNAPPINGS.
  • You frighten us when a missing Garbage returns a FLAWLESS.
  • All of the above can never break my spirit!
  • I see things that would scare even the Emperor. My name is Kiara Loveblood and I am a CREEP ARTIST.
  • I wanted to paint in sunlight, but I can only be myself in the NYC Underground, wild and free.

Latest News

Enter the world of THE SEER, the first book of the Epic Series, GARBAGE. The Year is 2066. A pandemic has made the rich wealthier. The reversal of climate change by the mega-rich made the world so grateful that the entire planet of Earth is now an empire ruled by the richest man in the world, Emperor Golden, who resides in Manhattan and governs other countries through Overlords. Earth seems like a utopia. The only weapons are in museums. Wars and prisons are nonexistent. The Emperor boasts of a perfect world, but Garbage see the Empire as a fa├žade with mysteries to unravel.

This book is currently available as ongoing serial episodes. The ebook version will be available in August. I am currently writing Book 2, The Emperor’s Son.

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